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XXXIV – Spotting architectural wonders all around George Town city.

Named after Britain’s King George III, George Town is the capital and largest city of the Malaysian island, called Penang island. This city was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status because it has an impressive collection of historical buildings representing the diverse cultures, ethnicities … Continue reading

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XXXIII – Saved by a buddhist while crossing the Thai-Malay border!

Looking back at these 2 days spent at the Thai-Malay border, I realize now how lucky I was (and still am)! Lucky because somehow I always find my way back. Lucky because problems seem to vanish (especially after good comforting food). But mostly lucky because I … Continue reading

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XXXII – THAILAND, an eight letters word that has the power to make you dream…

T H A I L A N D – This eight letters word pronounced out loud, has the power to make you dream… dream about a beautiful, exotic place…. dream about distinctive flavor, spices and aromas… dream about massage, yoga and meditation retreats… dream about riding … Continue reading

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XXXI – Disappointed by South of Thailand’s beaches…

After a Thai boxing training in the morning and then a total of 38 hours ride from Chiang Mai to Phuket (South of Thailand), I was beat, flat, exhausted, tired, worn-out, almost dead… If someone had asked me my name or … Continue reading

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XXX – Thai cooking class, elephant riding, bamboo rafting, thai boxing training,… in Chiang Mai.

Back in Bangkok, I met some amazing people —Alessandra (Italy), Sarah (Canada) and Mark (Denmark, with whom I traveled by bus up North to Chiang Mai). I have to thank Sarah again for giving me her “Asia on a shoestring” lonely … Continue reading

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XXIX – The Philippines; love it OR hate it…

It’s time to reflect about my short stay in the Philippines… I loved: Sagada was adventurous, Banaue was educational, and Palawan island was paradise!! Filippinos were so kind, helpful, and smiling! All owners of hostels were attentive to my well-being, … Continue reading

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XXVIII – Turning the big 3-0, a milestone in paradise…

How does one describe paradise on earth? A cold refreshing ice cream on a warm sunny day. A whole day spent in a huge shopping mall with unlimited funds. A comfy mattress after many crappy nights sleeping on the floor. A glass of red wine paired … Continue reading

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