XXXXXVI – Putting my “judgment” about Chile on hold…

Honestly, I don’t think I can really give any fair assessment of the country. I have only been in the North, and didn’t spend enough time to be able to set my mind about Chile. Moreover, I met only a few Chileans while on the road… so I don’t think I have grasped the culture, what Chile is really all about.

The only think I can say is that I loved my time in San Pedro de Atacama. It’s one of the few place in the world where stargazing takes its full meaning. I enjoyed every single sight-seeing activity I’ve done. I definitely challenged myself a couple of times, to try out new things I never did before. And, I loved the food! Going to our 2 favorite spots “Todo Natural” and “La Casona” with Camille, was definitely great gastronomy moments! Gosh, I miss those places!

Maybe the story would be different if I had gone in the South of Chile, if I had spent more time in Valparaiso, if I had gone to Eastern Islands, if … But, I will never know. Besides, didn’t I say that there shouldn’t be room in my life for what ifs, could bes, one days, if onlys…

So, I need to go back there to see what everyone else sees in the place. Until then, I put my “judgment” about Chile on hold 😉

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