XXXXXX – Road trip starring “le Chef, la Baronne, le Portugais, la Fille de la danseuse et la Belge”!

Waiting for the Inca Rail train… Estelle, Bruno, Mathilde and Me!

In Taquile (the last island I visited), I met Jean-Pierre (aka “Le Chef”), Mathilde (aka “La fille de la danseuse”), Bruno (aka “Le Portugais”) and Estelle (aka “La Baronne”). They were traveling by car around Peru, and they invited me to tag along. The plan was to return to Puno (city next to the lake Titicaca), and from there, go to Cusco (to visit the famous Machu Picchu), Nazca, and finally Lima.

Flat tire… our road trip didn’t started well….

When we came back from the islands of Lake Titicaca, we had a little surprise: we found the car with a flat tire… The guys changed the tire in a matter of seconds! Then, there were no gas stations for miles and miles! Talk about a stressful situation! And, of course, it had never happened to them until I stepped foot in their car. My legendary luck was striking again! LOL 😉

Along the way, we encountered A LOT of obstacles in the middle of the road: big rocks, barriers blocking the street (with no prior warnings), dogs that want to eat your wheels (crazy Peruvian dogs literally throw themselves on the car !), locals with suicidal intents (crossing in the middle of nowhere), two donkeys attached one another standing in the middle of the road, etc… I think we all gain a couple of grey hairs, and lost a couple of years of our life during this trip… at least, I did! But, WE SURVIVED!!! WE MADE IT ALIVE!!!

Le Portugais, La Fille de la danseuse, La Baronne, Le Chef and La Belge!!!

In my opinion, road trips are one of the best ways to travel. And, I couldn’t have chosen better travelling friends than the ones I had! I had a blast during this road trip! A great car, amazing company, good music, laughers and jokes all the way! The Belgian girl was (of course) the center of many French jokes on Belgian people… I defended my country as well as I could. LOL

This road trip is definitely on the top of the list of best moments spent in South America! Can’t wait for them to come and visit me in Brussels!!

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  1. Ana Rosa marquez says:

    Avec la musique d’Enio Morricone …

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