XXIX – The Philippines; love it OR hate it…

It’s time to reflect about my short stay in the Philippines…

I loved:

  • Sagada was adventurous, Banaue was educational, and Palawan island was paradise!!

    Pink rice, a specialty in Banaue...

  • Filippinos were so kind, helpful, and smiling! All owners of hostels were attentive to my well-being, and making sure my stay was as nice and smooth as it could be.
  • Spending hours, days at the seaside… it felt so good, so relaxing!


  • The funny, colorfoul jeepneys with their little nicknames.

    "Palabra de Amor" Jeepney


  • I met many great, funny, interesting people during my stay.
  • The pink rice that I hate in Banaue. Delicious!

I hated:

  • I didn’t get the chance to go to Bohol (to see the famous Chocolate mountains), nor to Cebu. Flights were a bit too expensive, so I had to change my original plans… I guess it’s the consequence to booking last minute flights 😦


  • Not being able to visit the Underground River (One of The New 7 Wonders of Nature) because all entrance tickets were sold out during my stay… urgh!!

    Bye bye jacket...

  • Realizing that recovering from severe hangovers was taking me much more time than when I was in my early 20s.
  • LOSING MY JACKET was the worst moment!
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2 Responses to XXIX – The Philippines; love it OR hate it…

  1. Marita Vermeulen says:

    lOOSING YOUR JACKET……..AGAIN??????? :-))))

    • Cris says:

      Hahahaaa NO, same jacket lost in Baguio city in the Philippines… I just wanted to insist on what I hated the most in the Philippines 😉 Take care sweetie!! xxx

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