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XX – Daily life scenes in BKK.

Back to Bangkok for a 6 days, it was the first time that I actually unpacked my stuffs… I was staying long enough to afford to just sit and watch what was going on around me. Usually I would plan a visit in the morning, … Continue reading

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XIX – A spectacular seven-tiered waterfall

In Kanchanaburi, we rent a motorcycle for the next couple of days. Our plan was to head up North and camp in the Erawan National Park. This 550 square kilometer is considered as one of Thailand’s true beauty – peaceful and gorgeous. And … Continue reading

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Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Make the leap.

Friends, family, colleagues, random encounters during this trip…Almost everyone asks me the same questions: Why did you do it? How did you get yourself embarked in this “solo-around-the-world-trip” situation? Why did you wanted to be miles away from your hometown, Brussels? What do you expect out … Continue reading

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XVIII – Setting foot on a worldwide famous bridge: the Kwai River Bridge!

Kanchanaburi Town is located 128 km west of Bangkok, and is home to a black iron bridge, called the Kwai River Bridge. It became internationally famous, when it was featured in movies and books (author Pierre Boulle wrote the original book). I … Continue reading

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XVII – Beautiful, Lively, Colourful Bangkok a.k.a BKK !!

When you arrive in the city center, you can’t miss the colours…unless you’re blind of course! Pink cabs, blue busses, orange houses, yellow buildings, green facade for shops,…everything is coloured! Quite a difference from my hometown, where everything is (or … Continue reading

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XVI – I HEART Cambodia.

But as I was about to fly out of the country, a feeling came over me. I felt, at the same time, joy and sadness to leave. For the first time since a while, I felt alive. That was the moment I … Continue reading

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XV – My first hike in awsome surroundings to see a stunning waterfall…

After spending quite exhausting days visiting the Angkor ruins, Laureline and I decided to take a break and go for a hike. Yes, you read it correctly! Me, 100% city girl hiking in the nature!! The funny thing is that if you had told me … Continue reading

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