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XXV – Rice terraces in Banaue and a new-found meaning to travelling…

After our little detour to Mainit, Rosa and me, were back on the road to Banaue. Along the way, there are many viewpoints with beautiful panoramas on the rice terraces. Too bad, our driver was in a hurry to get us to Banaue. In the … Continue reading

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XXIV – Change of plans, direction MAINIT and its HOT SPRINGS!

On our jeepney to leave Sagada for Bontoc (where we would take another jeepney to Banaue), we met Domenico, an Italian train driver, retired since a couple of years. Since his retirement, he spends each year a couple of months traveling around Asia. Everyone in our jeepney were … Continue reading

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XXIII – Going on a spelunking adventure in Sagada!!

Sagada, a village in the mountain province of Luzon (up North of Manila), is famous for its caves, hanging coffins, rice terraces and pine forests. It’s the place to trek (and fill your lungs with fresh air), rest, read a … Continue reading

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Isn’t it funny how your vision of things can change because of work?

When I was working at Sony, I was literally obsessed with laptops. I was in charge of the production & selling’s planning of the C series VAIO laptops, the very colourful laptops (pink, blue, red,…)!  At the time, I knew all about the … Continue reading

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XXII – Misinformed and losing a dear loved jacket in Baguio!

In order to reach our next destination Sagada, we (Rosa and myself) were told to grab a bus to Baguio (10 hours ride), and from there it would take about 2-3 hours to reach Sagada. But once we arrived in Baguio, … Continue reading

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XXI – A short stop in Manila, a city with Spanish-era influences.

Philippines, an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands! There’s not a single person who actually set foot on all of them. I double checked it on google. I though it would be awesome to be the first one, to be in … Continue reading

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