XXXXXII – A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-A, the country’s recap!!

I remember looking forward to fly out of Asia and travel in South America. I was so exited, I kept talking about the south american countries, imagining what I would do, try, see,… I just couldn’t wait to discover Argentina. I was like a kid who can’t wait to open her Christmas’s present! And my “Argentina present” was like any gifts, sometimes it brings joy and other times, disappointment!

I liked:

  • Drinking red wines!! I can’t even remember the last time I sipped a  bottle (I meant 😉 ) one small glass of red wine. Thus, it was long overdue 😉
  • Meeting Willy and Maria after so many years, was awesome! They are both incredible people with big hearts that immediately made me feel welcome to their home!! Thank you again!! And, COME TO BELGIUM SOON!!!
  • Beautiful, breath-taking panoramic views everywhere you go. Such an incredible country!
  • Wild life in Patagonia; SEA LIONS are the most adorable creatures!!
  • Meat, pasta, meat, pizza, meat, lasagna, meat, Meat, MEAT!!!
  • Asians made me feel like a tall and ugly zoo animal, but Argentinians did a pretty good job at boosting my woman’s ego!! LOL.

I disliked:

  • A sprained ankle was an unexpected and totally unwelcome pain!! Grrrr…
  • Food, hostels, national park entrance fees, buses,…. well basically, everything was so expensive! Consequence: I went a bit over budget 😦  Oh well, you only live once, right?
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