XXXXXI – It’s time to rest and heal in Bariloche, city of chocolate!!

View from the hostel

I spent most of my time in this hostel called Penthouse 1004, located on the top floor of an old building [not exactly the place where you would expect a hostel!]. After several crappy hostels, I was so glad to have found this hostel. The kitchen was really big and clean, and there were several ingredients at our disposal. It was such a nice kitchen that I actually did some cooking: pasta, soups and a delicious Chili con carne!! The living room had comfy sofas where I spent hours lying down, and looking out over incredible views of the city and the lakes. It was the perfect place to drop my bags and chill for a couple of days.

Rapa Nui, best chocolate in town!

Inside counter…. some tough choices had to be made!!


……..The city is mostly famous for its chocolates and Swiss-style architecture. There are chocolate shops at almost every corner. It’s almost like being home… I said almost because Belgium is still Number 1 in my heart!! And Belgium Chocolate is the best in the world!!! But the next best thing is the Argentinean’s chocolate 😉

The municipality building

After a couple of days resting at the hostel, I was ready to wander the streets of Bariloche, and have a look at the city’s famous architecture. It did feel like being in Switzerland with all the beautiful wooden chalets. And, for once the sun was out, thus perfect days!!

The main plaza.

And, at my hostel, I met the nicest Swiss couple, Sandra and Daniel. We hiked together up to Cerro Campaniaro, a 360° with a magnificent view over the mountains and lakes! I was really happy I made it up to the top and my ankle was not hurting, and even happier that the hike up was so worth it!! The view was amazing!!

Bariloche, the 7 lakes district

Me, Sandra and Daniel

On the way back to the hostel, we bought some chocolate, had a nice afternoon snack and a great talk about our lives back at home, our personal and professional experiences.

Cerro Campaniaro View

Usually, I meet people (for an hour or several days) and we exchange our travel experiences, give some tips about the country (nice hostels, great excursions,…) and have a small chat about our lives/our hometown. There is never an awkward moment as there is always at least one subject, interest or passion in common.

Always a cross at the top of the mountain!

………………………..But this time was different. When I listened to Sandra’s life story, it was as if she was talking about my life! It was as if she understood exactly what was going on in my life and were I was standing… We had so many similar stories about work issues, friends events (buying apartments, getting married and having babies), and family events. The connection was instant and I was really sad that our paths were separating the next day.

Another shot of the 7 lakes district

The next day, I had bought some chocolate as a present for our last afternoon tea break, and they had a surprise for me as well: a brand new ankle bandage! Again, did I mentioned that they were the best couple ever!

My time in Bariloche was up, and me and my ankle, were ready to go back on the road for more adventures! Next destination: Santiagoooooooo, Chile.

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2 Responses to XXXXXI – It’s time to rest and heal in Bariloche, city of chocolate!!

  1. Carly Larson says:

    I went to Rapa Nui chocolates too! So good, but you’re right, definitely not better than Belgian chocolate. 🙂

  2. Sunanda says:

    Suis contente de savoir que ta cheville va mieux!
    J’ai BEAUCOUP de plaisir à te lire!!!!
    Un grand merci!

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