XXXXIV – Flying out of Singapore, a Southeast Asian city-state.

When traveling around Asia, sometimes I had the feeling I was rushing things, I didn’t spend enough time in one place,… And other times I felt I had spent way too many days and couldn’t wait to get out of the place! Singapore was one of these places I wish I had more days to explore the city. But I still tried to see as much as possible in 2 days, 1 night.

As soon as I arrived in Singapore I was warmly welcomed by the owner of a small hostel located in Chinatown, who immediately took me under her wings! She asked me to call her “Auntie”, and took me out for a nice seafood dinner. She refused that I pay anything! She just wanted me to try out fish dishes from her country, and me having a stomach fulled and a big smile on my face, was a reward enough for her! Again, I met an amazing lady!

The next day, I visited the city’s main sights as many tourists do! I walked all around the city and took a zillion pics (as always). First thing that came to my mind was “I could live here”. For one thing, it’s a very modern, clean city with great opportunities for shopping (love it) and entertainment. Secondly, good architecture is not hard to find in this city! There are so many incredible, eye-catching, stunning buildings that just stand out! (love it!) Thirdly, the city is not called the Garden City for nothing! There are a bunch of parks and green areas spread all over the city! Just perfect places to sit, relax and read a good book!

Thus, I kept thinking “I could see myself living here”, which is funny because I thought the same thing about Hong-Kong, the first city I visited in Asia! So, my first and last cities in Asia were places I could see myself calling home sweet home. Weird, huh!?!

But at the end of the day, it was time to fly out of out of Asia and get to South America! Even though I dreaded the prospect of going through hell (aka 7 hours-long flight from Singapore to Doha, 8 hours waiting in Doha’s airport and a 19 hours-long flight from Doha to Buenos Aires), I was also super excited to start a new chapter of my journey! And more than ready to eat something else than rice and noodles! 😉 LOL   

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