XXXXIII – To sum it up, there was nothing I disliked about Myanmar!

Whenever people plan their holidays, I am sure that Myanmar is not on the top of their list. It’s not a relax beach vacation destination per se, but more an exotic adventure/an exploration into the past. But as frontiers opened up, news of upcoming democratic elections were broadcasted and with the current winds of change, it is only a matter of time before Myanmar becomes a touristic destination.

And, I totally understand and encourage people to visit this amazing country because it was so different to any other place in this world! Sights (mountains, lakes and villages) were beautiful. Locals greeted us like long-lost family, and their kindness, friendliness, laughs, warmth, smiles were so contagious!!

But my hope is that mass tourism will not have negative effects on local culture, tradition and environment. Because Myanmar was the only country in Asia where there was no children begging for money, no one asking me if I wanted a cheap cheap massage or if I wanted to buy anything from them…

I loved:

– Burmese hold on to their traditions and culture. They aren’t “Europeanized”. It was my first total and absolute culture shock!

– The food in general, and avocado & peanuts in particular! So tasty!

– I can’t repeat it enough… the kindness, friendliness, warmth and generosity of Burmese. They might not have much, but they’ll give it all to you in a heartbeat!

Meeting all these persons with overwhelming personality, bright insights on life and nature.

I disliked NOTHING except:

– I lost a “CONVERSE” hat and a Starbucks tumbler (my Christmas present to myself) on a bus. At this rate, soon I will need to ask family, friends and colleagues to make a donation in my name!!! Clothes, tumblers, bags, shoes, money are more than welcomed!!! LOL 😉

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One Response to XXXXIII – To sum it up, there was nothing I disliked about Myanmar!

  1. Carly Larson says:

    You inspired me, on my next trip I am definitely stopping in Myanmar.

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