XXIV – Change of plans, direction MAINIT and its HOT SPRINGS!


On our jeepney to leave Sagada for Bontoc (where we would take another jeepney to Banaue), we met Domenico, an Italian train driver, retired since a couple of years. Since his retirement, he spends each year a couple of months traveling around Asia.

Rosa and me in the Jeepney to Bontoc.

Everyone in our jeepney were intensely looking at us and trying to figure out what we were saying or in which language we were speaking. Our conversation was a mix of Italian, Spanish and English… Sometimes, I can’t believe that I am thousands of miles away from home, speaking Italian & Spanish. Honestly, I never though one minute that I would be speaking both languages in Asia!

Our Jeepney to Mainit is nicknamed "Lovers", we have a romantic driver!!

Anyway, Domenico was on his way to Mainit to spend one day and night in a nearby village that has hot springs. The idea of relaxing in hot springs was quite appealing, especially since we both felt really soar after the spelunking expedition. It didn’t took us long to be convinced by the idea. We postponed our plans to go to Banaue, and decided to take the jeepney to Mainit with Domenico.

Not much space for the feet...

And, I didn’t regret my decision one minute! It was a bumpy ride in a very crowded jeepney, but filled with laughs and singing. Imagine an Italian singing “Volare, oh oh, cantare, oh oh oh oh.” and all Filipinos staring at him with a shy smile/laugh!! Just hilarious!!

Dropped in the middle of nowhere...

Once there, I was convinced that hot springs were definitely one of the greatest gifts of nature. I couldn’t feel more relaxed then at that precise moment. All tensions, fatigue were gone! At night, we had a great conversation and a good meal. We listened to some old Italian songs (Domenico had a CD, and he asked the girls of the guesthouse if we could use their stereo). It was almost as if we were in Italy…

Sometimes, you meet someone along the way, you change your plans and it turns out for the best!

Us 3 enjoying the hot springs!!

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