XXII – Misinformed and losing a dear loved jacket in Baguio!

Baguio city under the rain...

In order to reach our next destination Sagada, we (Rosa and myself) were told to grab a bus to Baguio (10 hours ride), and from there it would take about 2-3 hours to reach Sagada. But once we arrived in Baguio, we learned that it was another 8 hours drive, and not 3 hours!! Completely misinformed and exhausted from our bus drive, we decided to look for a hostel to spend the night, and to catch a bus the next morning.

The bus station.... no comments...

Baguio was definitely not a nice touristic city. There was nothing to see or do! And, finding a cheap hostel was mission impossible! We walked to several hostel recommended in the Lonely Planet, but they were either fully booked or looked like crap. We didn’t really want to sleep in a place infested by bed bugs. We were clearly running out of luck, and it was starting to get dark!

Rosa and me at Mister Donuts, looking really tired!

At the last hostel we checked (no luck there either), we decided to go grab a coffee in the city center, spend the night at the bus station nearby, and grab the 5 am bus. Too tired to walk back to the city center, we took a cab. As the cab drove away after dropping us, I realised that I didn’t have my jacket with me! My jacket was still in the cab and it was too late to hail the cab back! It was gone. I was really frustrated, mad and exhausted at that point.

Our bus from Baguio to Sagada.

Nearby were cabs waiting in line for customers. We asked them if they could radio their central station to issue a message for all cab drivers to look for a jacket in the back seat. But unfortunately for me, there are more than 10,000 white privately owned cabs in this city. And of course, I didn’t think of writing down the plate number or the driver’s name! So, basically I was screwed but I made someone in this city very happy as he/she found my dear loved North Face jacket!


Small precautions, rocks under the wheels of the bus.

We spend the night drinking coffee at ‘Mister Donut’ (open 24/7), and we were both happy to be on the bus to Sagada. No need to say that I hated my time in Baguio!!

Bus stops in villages, and you can buy snacks out of the window...

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