Isn’t it funny how your vision of things can change because of work?

When I was working at Sony, I was literally obsessed with laptops. I was in charge of the production & selling’s planning of the C series VAIO laptops, the very colourful laptops (pink, blue, red,…)!  At the time, I knew all about the market, the competitors, the marketing campaigns, the new launches, the specifications of each laptop and desktop, …

Words like konnichiwa (hello in Japanese), specs, hardware, OS, CPU, RAM, gigs, softwares, seihan day (Qty production planning is reconcile with European Qty selling planning; basically my worst, longest day of the week… I still have some nightmares about me being in the office till 1 am!! ugh!!), in-store promo, sell-in, sell-out, ultraportable segment, san (a Japanese honorific suffix attached to first names; for example, Cristina-san), SAP PO orders, Arigato gozaimasu (Thank you in Japanese), etc…  were part of my everyday vocabulary. I was a bit of a geek!!

While driving, I kept seeing Sony centers in neighbourhoods where I previously had never noticed their presence. While watching a movie, I would immediately notice if there was a Sony Bravia TV or a VAIO laptop. While sitting at a friend’s house, I would look around for their electronics… just to see if it was Sony!! While shopping, I would always go quickly to FNAC’s electronic department…just to see the latest displays!! Everything evolved around Sony’s products…

Then, I started working at PepsiCo, and my world completely shifted again!

While driving, I would see a store and immediately ask myself what is the name of the store? Who is the sales rep visiting it? Is it part of Evy’s or Michael’s sector? I couldn’t go grocery shopping in a supermarket as before (in a rush, spending top 15 minutes). I couldn’t leave without walking by the snacks alleys, just to check if our latest products were on the shelves. I found myself looking at every prices of our juices. I seemed to notice instantly all the in-store animations, displays and marketing materials (banners, wobblers,… Ours and the ones from competitors). And, I could talk hours about PepsiCo’s latest products, marketing campaigns,… to my friends (I think I bored them with it). I would see the Pepsi logo everywhere!!!

And, now miles away from work, I still see Pepsi everywhere!! From the huge billboard to the smallest napkin, I see the logo. It’s like my eyes are trained and forced to see them!!  LOL… I just can’t help it!!  I took some pics of funny, yummy and cute Pepsi items…

Isn’t it funny how your world, your vision of things can change because of your professional life, your work?

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4 Responses to Isn’t it funny how your vision of things can change because of work?

  1. Marita Vermeulen says:

    YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!! from another Pepsi-lover :-)))

  2. Carly Larson says:

    I saw a Chilean guy wearing a Pepsi jacket today and thought of you! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

    • Cris says:

      Pepsi jacket 🙂 In April, I’ll have a better idea about my itinerary in South America, will definitely keep you updated!! Take care!! xxx

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