X – Seriously? Life is Art !?!

Quote on the wall in the 798 district. It summarizes it all.

Welcome to 798 Art District!

Let me first say that I am not an art critic, or art expert, but I’ve always enjoyed visiting art galleries and photography exhibits, seeing Italian opera’s and American musicals, going to theatres & stand-up comedy shows, listening to classical music,…  Well, let’s just say I’ve always enjoyed any kind of ART.

I won’t stay a whole day inside a museum, nor will I spend my whole free time exploring art galleries/shows. I am more of a “sporadic art enthusiast” if you can say that 🙂 And I do believe it’s always good to have some cultural education.

So, we went to visit the 798 art district. In this neighbourhood, the big 50-years old factory buildings (which previously were used by the military) are home to a very active artistic community. There’s plenty of space for creativity, for art creations…if you can call it art ?!? Here are some pics, I’ll let you judge by yourself….

Night, day, night, day, night, day....

Big red monster is watching me!

The Art zone map...wouldn't want to get lost, would we?

Red dinosaurs in cage...huh?

White Flamingos

Man in white is running....running...

My cool buddy, Mr Green...

Funny display in the front window of a shop!

My other buddy, Mr black & white striped shirt 😉

Big Monster.

Represents a sumo? maybe?

Huh ?!?

Even cars are customized with art quotes/drawings.

The factory buildings are home to art exhibits.

Big Tree is watching you!!

Waiter serving a home?!? I'll order one, pleasee.

A well deserved break: coffee!! Yess!!

You're supposed to fit inside. But let's just say, my body is larger & taller than Chinese's! So, I am standing in front of it 🙂

A very relaxed lady...

I am not sure what's the meaning of this statue?

I know I am not a kid anymore, but I couldn't resist to hop-on the back. LOL

They look quite realistic and pretty scary, especially at night!

Huh....a half baby half angel statue?

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3 Responses to X – Seriously? Life is Art !?!

  1. Seb says:

    éhéhé…Art :-s if they say so…

    • Cris says:

      LOL… certaines sculptures étaient quand même très très bizarre… pas très bien compris le message… Art, you either love it or hate it… 😉

  2. Sofie says:

    haha! Yes indeed, art, what a strang thing 🙂 Mais tu as raison, faut l’avoir vu 😉

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