Where does the nickname Dory come from?

So, you might wonder why I named my blog “Dory makes the leap!” ?

In 2003, Pixar released a movie called “Finding Nemo”, starring a clownfish named Marlin & a regal tank called Dory. Dory is a naïve but good-hearted and optimistic fish with short-term memory loss, a bad sense of orientation and a strange knowledge – speaking fluently “blue-whale” language… In the light of this character explanation and since apparently I act as her, my friends nicknamed me “Doris” – Dory in French… It’s been years now, the nickname seems to stick. I got to admit it kinda suits me…

Let’s skip the “naïve, good-hearted & optimistic” part, no need for elaboration. The short-term memory loss can be explained by the fact that I always forget where are my home keys, my wallet, my handbag, and where I’ve parked my car. It makes things quite interesting in the morning when you’re in a hurry to get to work!  I actually succeeded for a while to have a place for each item, and putting them every night in its own place…but it didn’t last long. What can I say ? Bad habits die-hard. Besides, it’s something that runs in the family! It’s genetic! Not my fault!

And, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a really bad sense of direction. When I was 12 years old, my favorite game with my best friend, was to hop-on any public transport in Brussels and hop-off at the terminus stop. From there, we had to find our way back home without taking the same transport back…no need to say that I sucked at it…

If somebody walks me along a route, I can’t remember it even if it’s fairly simple. Don’t even start to talk me through cardinal directions…just not working either. My sense of orientation is poor to the point of being funny & ridiculous. It’s a bit humiliating to be lost in your hometown. Thus, I’ve gotten the habit of asking for directions with a strong Spanish accent, so that people would think I am a tourist!

Don’t ask me to be your co-pilot…unless you’re ready for some adventure! But getting lost on roadtrips with friends are great memories, great laughs! The best one was our so-called “entry into the Third dimension” story. Imagine 4 girls in a car, heading towards South, stopping at a gas station (that’s when it all went wrong – I still don’t understand how it happened?!?). Driving for hours till we saw some signs written in…German !?! (Germany is way up North). No GPS, no maps, no clue about where we were…we couldn’t stop laughing! Besides this “inability” of mine to never find my way, I’m a fairly intelligent, successful person, who can handle almost anything…just not driving from point A to point B…without a GPS. Nobody is perfect! And besides, we have this genius invention called GPS thanks to Mr Roger L. Easton!

Finally, it appears that I do speak “blue-whale” language when I am super tired! And I am not making much sense to my friends. BLAAA bla BLAAA bla BLAAAA blaa. BLAAA blaa BLAAA bla BLAAA blaa. BLAAAA blaa BLAAA blaa BLAAA blaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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5 Responses to Where does the nickname Dory come from?

  1. Lidia Dalle Vedove says:

    haha ! j’adore, tellement vrai !! 🙂

  2. Cheers for the fantastic information enclosed here in your blog, here is a little question for your blog website readers. Who actually stated the following quote? . . . .Determine never to be idleIt is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

  3. Anast says:

    l’histoire de l’accent pour paraître con c’était quan don était avenue louise et qu’on a trouvé le moyen de se perdre pour rentrer et qu’on a demandé notre chemin et on s’est dit on va prendre un accent histoire de pas passer pour des attardées loooooooooool
    Blablablabla 😉

    • Cris says:

      Ouiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! A chaque fois que j’y repenses, suis morte de rire !!
      Se perdre dans Bruxelles… on est vraiment pas douées !?!
      Bisous bisous

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