I – The beginning of a new life

D-3: Time to say goodbye… My parents organized a party at their house for all close friends & family. Almost everyone that had an impact in my life; people who really mattered to me, were present!! I must thank everyone again for their presence & the gifts!! I am a lucky girl to have such amazing persons in my life!! It’s hard to realise that next Monday, I’ll be on a plane to Hong Kong. Time flew by so quickly…

D-2: I still haven’t packed yet…How are you suppose to wrap your whole wardrobe for a year? Even for small weekend getaways, I always forget things. It may have to do with me doing my luggage 2 hours before departure….or maybe it’s just that I am not skilled in that department… I’ll probably never be good at packing my stuff.

D-1: I went to my god-daughter’s birthday. She just turned 4 years old, and is the most adorable girl in the world! I will most probably miss some moments in her life…but I made up my mind a couple of months ago…Sometimes, you just have to follow your instincts, and hope for the best!!

D-day: Finally the day has arrived!! I am leaving my hometown, Brussels. So here I am at the airport with my parents and 2 friends who swung by before work (Marita & Karolien), saying my goodbyes.
As I checked in, first issue pops up: they don’t see my name on the passenger list for my second flight (Mumbai to Hong Kong)….damn it!! Eventually the lady called Mumbai airport and got it figured out…saved 🙂

Saying goodbye to my parents brought some tears…and at that moment it hit me…what I was about to do became real…this is the flow of thoughts that pass by in my head: “I am going to travel alone for a year – ALONE – I have no master plan, nothing booked except my first night in HK – Am I crazy? – probably – with my legendary luck, my luggage won’t arrived in HK, I won’t find my hostel and along the way someone will steal my money & cellphone – I’ll be broke after 1 day – what if I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and no one can’t speak English, what if I am sick? I don’t even know how to say the word in all the language in the world? – I am sure I forgot something at home…what can it be? what if it’s something super important that can’t be found elsewhere in the world – probably can be found thought – damn it, I need to stop – it’s an adventure, no worries, be happy….I need to find my gate – I can’t miss my first flight…that would be the world’s smallest around the world trip… hmmm wonder if it’s in the World’s Guinness Book.”

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6 Responses to I – The beginning of a new life

  1. Marita Vermeulen says:

    FINALLY!!!! So great to read some of your adventures! Ofcourse these first one I already know 🙂 so I can’t wait to hear the rest!!
    Hello sweety, how’s life treating you??
    Here in cold and wet Belgium it’s same old same old! Nothing new under the sun! It’s December 30rd so the longest month of the year is at least almost over! I will be so glad!
    As you could read I’m leaving for Capo Verde January 21st. I’m going for a week together with Anneke! Remember her??
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow, wherever you are and send you in thoughts my love and hugs!!
    Hopefully you’ve met up with some great people and you will have a smashing party tomorrow night!
    Karolien asked me to say hi also! You know she’s not a FB-member yet 🙂 She left for Berlin for a couple of days!!
    Big kiss CriCri!! See the world for me!

    • Cris says:

      Ahahahaaa yess! You did witness it all, my very first worry (being stuck in Mumbai) and goodbyes!! I know it took me a while before writing my first post…Sorrryy!!
      So far so good, traveling around the world was definitely a GOOD decision. The only negative thing about traveling is the packing-unpacking sitution…urgh, I just hate it!! So, you’re going to Capo Verde…I am pretty sure you’re going to have a blast! I can imagine you, on a sunny terrace, enjoying some good white wine & food with Anneke (I do remember her from the shopping day in Brussels 😉 )
      Can you send to Karolien the blog’s address:
      Thanks hon!!
      Take care. Xoxo

  2. Diane Vermunicht says:

    Waw Good luck girl. When I left for Israel (it wasn’t completely the same) but I had all those mixed feelings as well and trust me every little second of it was amazing and worth it. You’ll come back and have had a life changing experience. You go girl!!!!!

    • Cris says:

      Thank you Diane!! It’s been a while since I heard from you…waouw! Time passes way too quickly! I hope life is treating you good! And of course, I wish you a great coming year. May 2012 be filled with love, friendships, and some good travel adventures! Where are you living now? What are you doing? Take care!! Xoxo

  3. Gina says:

    Hi Crisitina,
    J’ai enfin pris le temps de parcourir ton site bien que je reçoive souvent des nouvelles de toi par ta maman mais I just wanted to let you know that I did not forget you and I am really happy for you ! You are just enjoying yourself so much, discovering the world, I can only advise you to go on take the most of it ! It is just wonderful !
    Je t’envoies plein de bisous ma belle de nous 3.


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